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How Many Treatments?

The number treatments depends on a few factors:

The severity of the illness. A condition that is mild responds more quickly while something that is much stronger requires more treatment.

The length of time the condition has persisted. A condition that has only been present for a few days or a few weeks will respond to treatment faster than a condition that has been present for months or years.

The overall health of the person. Someone in robust health will respond more quickly than someone whose overall health is not as strong.

These are guidelines and are not necessarily true for every individual. I have treated people in relatively poor health with a condition that has gone on for some time with dramatic results in a few treatments.

Many patients report short-term improvement of their symptoms after a treatment. This improvement gradually becomes more long-term as treatment continues. Results can often be seen with one treatment but three or more treatments are advised to determine effectiveness for a specific condition.

I wish I had a magic bullet, but this isn’t magic. This is medicine.

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