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Lower back pain, arthritis and glaucoma

“I have been receiving acupuncture treatments for over 10 years from Tricia Kramer.  Sometimes more than once in a week.  I have lower back pain due to stenosis of he spine, arthritis and glaucoma.  I am 85 years old and in good health.  When my glaucoma caused my eye pressure to get out of control, Tricia gave me treatments that stabilized my eye pressure, which delayed having a drain put in my left eye.  I was also able to get my left eye to see color again.  I continue to receive treatments and am able to continue to lead an active lifestyle.  I am an avid gardener and take a fitness class at the gym twice a week.
I would greatly encourage anyone with eye issues to seek treatment from Tricia.  The treatments are easily tolerated and I feel very comfortable during and after each session.  I was never aware of acupuncture for eyes until I met Tricia and I am so happy to have found her and her expertise in this area.”


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