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Amazing Acupuncture

Amazing Acupuncture. Tricia Kramer is a gifted healer. Tricia has the skills, knowledge, and bedside manner, to listen to your concerns, and then skillfully intervene. Whenever Tricia works with me, I’m better off when she’s finished.

Dr. Dan Collins
Best–Selling Author of The Trauma Zone:Trusting God for Emotional Healing

Lower back pain, arthritis and glaucoma

“I have been receiving acupuncture treatments for over 10 years from Tricia Kramer.  Sometimes more than once in a week.  I have lower back pain due to stenosis of he spine, arthritis and glaucoma.  I am 85 years old and in good health.  When my glaucoma caused my eye pressure to get out of control, Tricia gave me treatments that stabilized

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Healing and health

“I am so grateful for the gifts you gave me as I journeyed toward healing and health, and as long as I live, I will remember the sense of calm and equilibrium you brought me with your tuning forks.”
– MC

I felt so GOOD yesterday

“I can not thank you enough for helping my body to release some of the grief it has been harboring. I felt so GOOD yesterday. Thank you. It was like I found the part of myself that was in a grey cloud….and saw its sunny side again.”
– CS

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